A frightening scene turned fatal when police shot a killed an armed suspect in Phoenix on April 3. The fatal shooting occurred after suspect Jose Arenas allegedly waved a gun at several people, threatening to rob victims. Arenas then aimed his pistol at a responding officer, who fatally shot the suspect multiple times at extremely close range.

Jose Arenas Aims Pistol at Police

The incident began when police answered a 911 call, according to a Phoenix Police Department Critical Incident Briefing. A suspect reportedly pointed a handgun at multiple people. When officers arrived, they found an armed 26-year-old Arenas outside a restaurant. Arenas allegedly pointed a gun at family and a police helicopter during the incident.

Footage shows arenas wave the gun around inside a restaurant. He appears to nearly take hostages at one point, just before an officer bursts into the restaurant. Footage shows Arenas quickly run for cover.

“Officers told Arenas to drop the gun, but he refused,” said a Phoenix Police statement. “He fled into the restaurant which was occupied by multiple people. Once inside he pointed the gun and assaulted two customers. An officer followed Arenas into the restaurant and gave another command to drop the gun, which Arenas ignored. He pointed the handgun at the officer, and the officer fired at Arenas, striking him.”

But the police description of the fight sells the officer short. Footage shows the officer round the corner of the divider to find a suspect pointing a gun right at him, and at point blank range. The officer incredibly reacts quickly, his optic-mounted sidearm cycling several times during the video.

Make no mistake. This was a fight in a phone booth, and the officer managed to come out unscathed. The video shows just how quickly shootouts can occur.

Authorities transported Arenas to a local hospital where officials pronounced him dead. Police found and recovered the suspect’s gun on the scene, according to a Phoenix Police Department statement.

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