Jose Guzman pistol whipped one officer, then fired on another during an attack in California.

A California man faces two counts of attempted murder after an attack on officers inside a Los Angeles police station in San Pedro in September. Recently released officer body cam and security footage shows officers fight for the life during the attack by 29-year-old Jose Cerpa Guzman.

Jose Guzman Attacks Officers in LA Precinct

Footage shows Guzman arguing with an officer. Suddenly he goes on the offensive, taking a wild swing. Both men square up to fight, then Guzman lands another blow, sending the officer to his back. Then Guzman pounces on the officer, and an even wilder struggle ensues.

The fight nearly turns deadly when Guzman wrestles the officer’s pistol away. The suspect proceeds to pistol whip the officer before finally deciding to flee. Guzman then allegedly opens fire on the next responding officer, before tearing out of the station parking lot in a truck.

“I think anybody that looks at that video, it is not hard to visualize what could have ultimately happened in that video. By the grace of God, that officer walked away from that incident with his life,” said Robert Harris, director, Los Angles Police Protective League, reported NBC Los Angeles.

“I know there are people in society that say, ‘This is what you signed up for.’ No, this is not what we signed up for. We are a reflection of the communities we serve – attack on us is an attack on the community,” Harris continued.

Footage shows police catch up with the suspect a reported few blocks away. The attacked officer received only minor injuries, according to NBC Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the motive for the inexplicable attack remains unknown.

LE Under Attack

Unfortunately, the video also reveals two universal truths in today’s society. First, bad people seek to harm our country’s law enforcement community. Secondly, they aren’t always equipped to deal with the current threat. The officer committed a litany of errors that enabled the attacker to get the jump on him. Worse still, he gave up his weapon during a fight. Luckily, the officer will live to fight another day, and will hopefully be better prepared in the future.

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