JP Enterprises Agency Rifle Program

JP Enterprises recently announced a new program specifically for law enforcement, the Agency Rifle Program. The program builds on years of successful support for police departments and agencies across the U.S. Now JP offers budget-conscious rifle options to bring signature JP quality and reliability within reach to officers.

JP Enterprises Agency Rifle Program

The Agency Rifle Program comprises duty-focused carbine configurations. The company offers a .223/5.56mm NATO carbine for patrol rifle or SWAT team use. The carbine features a short barrel and select fire options. Meanwhile, a 9mm SBR features select fire options, integrated sound suppression and dual top- and side-charge systems.

JP offers models in both calibers at three different price/option tiers to meet the needs and budgets of any agency or department, according to JP. The company also expects similar offerings for sniper systems in .308 to be available soon.

The company collaborated with several law enforcement partners to create the Agency Rifle Program, according to JP. “…This rifle lineup prioritizes platform reliability and accuracy. This serves the true objective of officer and bystander safety while minimizing agency liability in the event of an officer-involved shooting,” JP said in a release.

JP technicians build each rifle using the same quality JP components as any other premium JP rifle, according to the company. JP pledges its commitment to support its law enforcement partners. As such, part of the program includes priority law enforcement technical assistance and complementary armor’s certification courses.

“If there’s one concern we’ve heard loud and clear from law enforcement, it’s the difficulties for both officer and department even in the case of a ‘good shoot,’” says JP founder and head of product development, John Paul. “We only want to offer a rifle that can mitigate as much of that risk as possible. Through the refined reliability of our components and build process, we’re confident in what our duty rifles can offer.”

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