PEARL RIVER, NY – The necessity and demands of sustained ground combat in Iraq and Afghanistan has surpassed its initial projection. As a result, military gear has been depleting faster than originally anticipated and faster than it can be fully replenished.

In December of 2004, United States Marine Officers saw the need to “protect those who protect us,” and founded the Armor 4 Troops Foundation. The Armor 4 Troops Foundation is a national non-profit, tax exempt charitable organization whose primary mission is to provide new and replacement anti-ballistic eyewear, Under-Armour, personal gear and other critical equipment and services directly to United States troops who are currently engaged in war zones or other peacekeeping and humanitarian missions throughout the world where combat violence is a threat.

To support the Armor 4 Troops Foundation and its mission, Kahr Arms has proudly donated a Thompson 1927A-1 Deluxe Model with a 50 round drum and violin case as a fundraising effort. The proceeds from the Thompson 1927A-1 raffle will directly benefit the American Troops in the field by helping alleviate the shortages and long “wait times” currently experienced in the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of operations.

“I’m especially honored to support the Armor 4 Troops Foundation for several reasons,” states Frank Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “On a personal level, my oldest son is a .50 caliber machine gunner in the Marine Corps and has been stationed in southern Afghanistan for the past 6 months fighting the Taliban. And secondly, I know that almost all monies raised by the Foundation are going to buy much needed items for the troops instead of covering large overhead and other related expenses. American Troops are risking their lives everyday so that Americans may continue the experience of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Kahr Arms is grateful for the opportunity to support these troops, their mission and help “protect those that protect us.”

To make a donation or learn more please visit or contact LtCol. Robert E Ledee by phone at 770-592-8714 or by email at [email protected] Learn more about Kahr Arms, Thompson, and Auto-Ordnance at and

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