Never let it be said that Kalashnikov Concern is resting on its laurels. The Russian arms maker, best known for its AK rifle platform, recently conducted a live demonstration of some of its latest goodies, including a pair of unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) called the Soratnik and Nakhlebnik. Watch the video above to see them in action.


The BAS-01G Soratnik, which translates to “companion” in Russian, is designed for fire support; combat reconnaissance; patrols; and mine clearance. It also conducts logistics operations, Army Recognition says. The vehicle weighs in at seven tons. Its operational range is 248 miles. Meanwhile, it can reach a maximum road speed of 25 mph. Additionally, it can be operated via remote control at a distance out to six miles. Its three control modes are direct control, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

Kalashnikov’s Soratnik can be equipped with a 7.62mm Kalashnikov PKT/PKTM machine gun; 12.7mm 6P49 Kord heavy machine gun; 30mm AG-17A Plamya automatic grenade launcher; and a 40mm 6G27 Balkan AGL. Furthermore, Army Guide says the vehicle can accommodate up to four hand grenade launchers. In addition, TASS says Kalashnikov is looking at arming the Soratnik with eight Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missiles.

In other words, the Soratnik can do some serious damage.


The Nakhlebnik, “freeloader” in Russian, is described by Deagel as a UGV built by Kalashnikov as a platform for future combat systems. In addition, the automated system uses a tracked chassis and features a small caliber machine gun. It also sports an armored shield which supports infantry during operations.

Kalashnikov also tested out its “Tourist” buggy; Vityaz-SN assault rifle; Group-99 combat outfit; and motorcycles for special forces at its live demonstration outside of Moscow, Sputnik reports.

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