What should have been a routine call nearly turned deadly when a suspect, later identified as Kerdell Lillard, went for his gun, prompting Pittsburg police to fire. The officer-involved shooting occurred last month in the San Francisco Bay area community.

Kerdell Lillard Goes for Gun Versus Bay Area Officers

The incident began when police answered a call reporting a man on the rooftop of a local business. Police arrived on the scene and found the 32-year-old Lillard standing next to a car in the parking lot. Officers approach the man suspected in causing a disturbance.

Despite commands to get on the ground, body cam footage shows Lillard reach into the wheel well of a pickup truck. He produces a pistol and begins to run. Multiple officers converge on Lillard, and one officer fires, hitting the suspect.

The officer’s bullet struck Lillard in the arm, according to After the shooting, Lillard yelled about being set up and claimed that the police were fake. However, he eventually complied with officer commands, and police promptly apprehended him without further incident.

Officials took Lillard to a local hospital for treatment following the shooting, reported Police recovered a loaded handgun from the scene.

Now Lillard faces two counts of felony assault with a loaded weapon, reported. He also faces additional charges, including ex-felon in possession of ammunition, along with others. He remains in custody, with bail set at $1,000,000.

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