The name sounds like a title of one of those B-grade crime movies that Hollywood periodically cranks out: “The Shoot House.”

But this is about grim reality, not pulp fiction.

The “Shoot House” is the Knoxville Police Department’s newest addition to its training facility, a 360-degree firearms training facility in which officers can train indoors using live ammunition.

It is configured in such a way that a variety of scenarios can be set up to give officers more realistic preparation for situations they will potentially face in enclosed environments.

“We can safely use any weapon we have in our arsenal,” from standard issue handguns carried by beat officers and detectives to more exotic firearms used by the Special Operations Squad, said Police Chief Sterling P. Owen IV.

In a dedication ceremony held Tuesday, a plaque was unveiled, naming the building for Van Bubel, a longtime KPD training officer who will retire next month.

“I feel honored, of course,” the clearly surprised Bubel said. Then he quickly credited other officers for building up KPD training over the years.

The 4,947-square-foot, multiroom facility that bears Bubel’s name is made of rifle-grade steel plates that are covered with plywood and then filled with gravel. Fired bullets are caught in a void between the plywood and steel.

Source: Jim Balloch for Knox News.

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