The mighty Kotaku gaming blog are running a Guns Week blog, here’s what they have to say:

Visit a gaming shop and you’ll see walls of boxes that feature, somewhere on them, guns.

Have the last five video games you’ve played included guns? Most of them, probably yes.
The obsession of games and guns probably looks weird to the non-gamer, maybe even to some players. In the United States, the Second Amendment ensures a right to firearms that still doesn’t compel the entire citizenry to own a pistol or rifle. Gamers, as a community, be they real-world gun owners or not, are more willing to exercise their right to bear virtual arms.

We shoot so much in games because shooting makes sense. So many games are about conflict, my character of pixels and polygons causing another character, maybe your character, to no longer exist. Guns are the most efficient way for representing that binary relationship at a distance. We’ve got a one here. A one there. Shoot. And that one there is now a zero.

Check out their Guns Week Blog by clicking here.

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The mighty Kotaku gaming blog are running a Guns Week blog, here's what they…