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Earlier this month, Krav Maga New York – based in Westchester and Orange County, NY – taught law enforcement tactics at the New York Tactical Officers Association (NYTOA) and the New York Association Of Hostage Negotiators (NYAHN) annual conference held at Turning Stone Casino. Participating law enforcement officers were introduced to tactics based on the fighting and self-defense system known as Krav Maga.

Krav Maga, originally developed for the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), deals with scenarios where operators face life-threatening situations while unarmed or when higher force options can’t be accessed – and when losing is not an option. From positions of disadvantage, operators must respond with sound, fast, aggressive techniques until help arrives or until higher force options can be acquired. Krav Maga based police training methods and tactics are designed to improve an officer’s emotional and physical response to danger, and develop the LEO’s ability to recognize danger at its earliest stages, react without hesitation, and escalate and de-escalate with appropriate levels of force.

Krav Maga has received international recognition as a highly practical police training system well suited for Law Enforcement in part because Krav Maga techniques are instinctive, simple, effective, require minimal training time and yield maximum retention even under stress.

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