Defense contractor L-3 Communications introduced its new Airborne Pursuit and Exploitation (APEX) UAS at the annual Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International’s (AUVSI) Unmanned Systems 2014 conference, C4ISR reports.

According to an L-3 press release, the APEX UAS has a range of over 100 kilometers and an endurance of seven hours using a high-power series Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery system. Operated by a crew of three people, the APEX uses a pneumatic rail-launched system and a parachute recovery system. It also has an electro-optical/cooled infrared gimbal payload for day and nighttime surveillance.

“With APEX, we’re offering today’s warfighters an unprecedented level of capability from a small platform,” said J.R. Gear, vice president of strategic development at L-3 Unmanned Systems. “APEX’s ability to be operated by a very small team and provide multi-mission and payload flexibility brings a new level of capability to expeditionary operators. The system is currently being used by U.S. forces.”

As the press release notes, L-3’s APEX UAS is a compact, lightweight platform designed for close-range ISR missions, first responder calls, over-the-hill reconnaissance missions, low-intensity conflicts and urban warfare operations.

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