Leupold and L3Team were awarded a prototype contract for the NGSW program.

Leupold & Stevens announced it received a contract in partnership with L3Harris to deliver 115 production prototypes. The optics will support the Next Generation Squad Weapon Fire Control (NGSW-FC) Program. The NGSW-FC will replace traditional direct view optics currently fielded by the Army.

L3Harris, Leupold Win NGSW Fire Control Prototype Contract

“Leupold is excited to be teaming with L3Harris to deliver the highest-quality optical solution to the U.S. Army. We are the top manufacturers in our respective fields,” said Bruce Pettet, President and Chief Executive Officer for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “Leupold brings more than a century of optical expertise and unrivaled domestic manufacturing capacity to the table, and L3 has a proven track record of performance with high-volume government contracts for night vision, electro-optics, and laser aiming devices. The U.S. military requires the very best, and this partnership will deliver it – with optics that are designed, machined, and assembled in the United States.”

The NGSW-FC provides an integrated approach to targeting. It combines range-finding capability, ballistic computation and environmental sensors. Those systems increase the probability of accurate targeting, while decreasing time to engage target. The Leupold-L3Harris contract mark the second such announcement of late. On April 21, we reported on Vortex Optics’ selection of its own submission into the program.

Next Gen Optics

Now Leupold and L3 partner to offer an optic for the U.S. military. The optic ultimately selected will support many of the current and future weapon platforms utilized by the Army, according to Leupold. Both L3Harris and Leupold claim a history of numerous contracts in the past.

“L3Harris is proud to offer the U.S. Army a revolutionary fire control solution that will increase soldier lethality and enhance situational awareness,” Lynn Bollengier, President, Integrated Vision Solutions, L3Harris said in a press release, “Our solution leverages nearly 30 years of expertise in fire control technology, enabling faster identification and target acquisition, ensuring soldiers achieve overmatch capability on the battlefield. Additionally, we have teamed with Leupold & Stevens to integrate their superior optical assemblies and high volume, domestic manufacturing capabilities to ensure we meet the high quality and capacity requirements set forth by the Army to field this technology alongside the Next Generation Squad Weapons program.”

For more information, please visit leupold.com.

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