The Los Angeles Police Department released video recently, showing an LAPD officer take down an armed suspect on a bicycle. After refusing to comply with multiple demands, the gunman took the brunt of an LAPD vehicle’s door, as the officer got creative in stopping the suspect.

LAPD Officer Takes Out Fleeing Suspect on Bicycle

The incident began July 7 when an LAPD dispatcher received a troubling 9-1-1 call. In it, a man describes a suspect, allegedly armed with a 9mm pistol, threatening civilians from a bicycle.

“I was taking water out and a gangster took out a nine millimeter,” a caller says in a 9-1-1 call on the video. “He came by on a bicycle and stopped at a parked car with a young woman inside and like three people or more.” The man said the suspect then threatened a group of people, including the caller. “And what can I do besides call you? I’m a civilian. I’m not a gangster.”

The dispatcher then asked if the caller could still see the suspect. “I no longer see the man,” the caller stated. “I’m in a car. I came over here trembling and scared because I don’t have a weapon and I’m not a bad guy.”

Police footage shows the resulting chase from an LAPD squad car. Several vehicles pursue the man, and footage shows officers identify he possesses a firearm.

Then it happens, an ingenious move by one LAPD officer. He swerves his vehicle up alongside the suspect. Then with a quick flick open of the vehicle door, he knocks the man to the ground. With limited use of force, the suspect goes down, and officers swoop in to apprehend him.

Authorities identified the suspect as 33-year-old Yordy Ochoa, reported Paramedics treated the suspect on the scene for minor abrasions. Now Ochoa faces multiple charges.

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