Taser Axon Flex Camera Cleveland police
Taser's Axon Flex on-officer video camera

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has selected the Taser Axon body camera for its officers.

Taser’s model was selected over another model from Coban Technologies Inc., according to multiple reports.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Officers spent 90 days testing camera equipment from both companies, while department officials gathered input from the inspector general, the American Civil Liberties Union and other law enforcement agencies that have implemented the technology, LAPD CIO Maggie Goodrich told the commission. The LAPD also posted a public survey online, which drew about 300 responses.

Sgt. Dan Gomez said the LAPD looked at factors such as camera battery life, video storage capabilities and how well the equipment captures video. One of the key differences between the models, he said, was that the Taser device recorded better in low-light conditions.

While Taser won the testing period officers suggested some changes, like reduction on the amount of wind noise picked up on the audio recordings outside.

“It’s not an absolutely perfect solution or a silver bullet by all means. There are definitely areas of improvement,” Goodrich told the Los Angeles Times. “But certainly they were the clear winner.”

No date has been established as to when the cameras will enter the field.

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