LAPD's FN 509s have started arriving

This week marked the first delivery of LAPD’s FN 509s to the department. The Los Angeles Police Department selected the FN 509 MRD-LE pistol as their new duty gun last year.

LAPD’s FN 509s Will be Issued to Recruits Starting This Month

New recruits entering the LAPD Academy will receive the new pistols, paired with a Trijicon RMR as a duty optic.

“Since the announcement of the agency’s adoption of the FN 509 MRD-LE as their newest duty pistol, our team has conducted enhanced training for LAPD’s instructor staff, including specific coursework on the duty use of red dot optics,” said Charles “Bucky” Mills, Sr. Director of Law Enforcement Sales for FN America, LLC. “This training will assist in building the foundation that their firearm instructor staff will utilize when training recruits and officers in the FN 509 MRD-LE pistol.”

FN Press Release

During the testing process for LAPD’s FN 509s, the two test guns survived a cumulative total of 40,000 rounds.

Current Officers Can Receive the New Pistol

LAPD maintains one of the largest inventories of authorized duty pistols for a law enforcement agency. They were one of the first agencies to issue the Beretta 92, which were eventually replaced with Glock pistols. They’re the first major LE agency to select a red dot equipped pistol as a duty weapon for all officers. Once deliveries of the FN 509 MRD-LE are complete, officers have the option to swap their current duty pistol for a new FN.

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