LAPD crime computer program
LAPD's New Data Program Helping Officers Target Crime (CREDIT: Jupiter Systems/ Brad Howell)

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) is using a new, state-of-the-art technology program to help limit crime high-profile areas and target the criminals who inhabit those areas.

According to Fox News in Los Angeles:

The program — part data collection, part lightning-fast computer platform, part street-level intelligence-gathering — is expanding in LA with the help of a recent federal infusion of $400,000 and has drawn interest from departments across North America.

Dubbed LASER for its ability to zero in on offenders and hotspots, it is one of many newer law enforcement tools that use data tracking and collection — such as license plate scanners and cellphone trackers — often with little public knowledge or regulation.

LASER uses technology developed by the CIA’s venture capital arm to realize a post-9/11 dream that allows investigators to match up vast troves of data from 15 separate sources to connect dots that they otherwise might miss.

“This is a tremendous step forward. Without this, I couldn’t do my job,” LAPD Capt. Ed Prokop told the Associated Press. Prokop’s division watches over the “Shootin’ Newton” area, nicknamed for its history of shootings.

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