The Las Vegas PD engaged in a deadly encounter with an armed carjacker April 21. Officer body cam footage shows the entire incident. The suspect leveled a sawed off shotgun at officers, prompting the fatal shooting. Police released footage of the entire incident from not only body cameras on the ground, but also the chopper in the sky. Watch the video above.

Las Vegas PD Drops Carjacker

Police said 24-year-old Chase Rosa drove a white sedan erratically, prompting police to run his plates. When they came back stolen, Las Vegas Police gave pursuit, according to Footage shows multiple officers, including a Metro helicopter, pursuing the suspect. Police said the suspect at speeds up to 120 mph, according to

Footage shows the suspect’s vehicle suddenly stops in the street. Rosa then steps out and advances on a red car waiting to turn into the street. Rosa carries a sawed off shotgun as he approaches the vehicle, apparently about to carjack the individual. But officers in unmarked cars arrive just in time.

Police say officers immediately issued warnings, according to, though the footage provides no audio at the time of shooting. However, it’s clear the suspect turns holding the sawed off shotgun. The suspect appears to point the shotgun toward the first responding officer, who opens fire on Rosa.

Footage shows a barrage of gunfire from the officers. The Clark County coroner later said the suspect died of multiple gunshot wounds, reported

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