Law enforcement agencies joined forces for a training program designed to increase rapid response to a child abduction scenario. The program, which is called CARD or Child Abduction Rapid Deployment, included the participation of officials with the FBI, DPS and other agencies.

The goal of the CARD program is to streamline communication and protocol between law enforcement agencies in order to find missing children in areas with limited law enforcement resources.

“Some areas are limited on resources, so we need to know how to better maximize those resources. And also, if a particular where an agency, or due to the geographical location, if there is a gap that exists, what can we do before the event takes place to address those gaps,” said Lt. Derek Prestridge, with the Texas Ranger Division.

Eventually, law enforcement agencies will participate in an exercise involving the hypothetical abduction of a child in Smithville, Texas, in order to determine the most effective methods in the event of a real abduction.

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