Battle House Laser Tag Law Enforcement
(CREDIT: Battle House)

When thinking of laser tag, children’s birthday parties often come to mind. But Illinois-based Battle House Laser Combat hosts more than just parties.

The three-story facility also helps train local law enforcement for various tactical situations.

According to the Chicago Tribune:

But Battle House has another purpose. The 14,000-square foot play area also serves as a public safety training ground where law enforcement officials train for events like an active shooter or a bomb threat.

… [Managing partner Doug] Huckbody said weekends are the primary time for families and groups of friends to play, but the arena stays open during the week, mainly for law enforcement training groups.

In December, the McHenry County Jail’s rapid response team was the first to use the facility, where they were trained in clearing rooms and hallways. However, Huckbody said, public safety officers also have fun at Battle House.

“It’s kind of a blurred line here,” Huckbody told the Chicago Tribune. “The difference is that it’s life and death for these guys. Say there’s a shooter in an apartment complex. How do you clear the building?

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