Active Shooter
Active shooter training in Shreveport, La.(CREDIT: Erin Buchanan/KTBS 3 News)

Active shooter incidents happen more than anyone would like, but law enforcement officers around the country are preparing for those situations with intense and realistic training.

Officers came from as far away as North Carolina on Thursday to participate in a specialized active shooter training course at Central Elementary in Shreveport, La.

According to KTBS3 in Shreveport:

During Thursday’s course, the officers entered a school building alone, listening for shots, screams, explosions, and basically anything that may provide immediate information about the situation.

Volunteer role-players added to the chaos, running through hallways, screaming, one even throwing an unexpected explosive device.

While Thursday’s training took place in a school, KTBS3 has reported that training sessions are also being held in malls, concerts, theaters and military installations.

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