The 2010 Trainer of the Year Award is given, said Law Officer Editor in Chief Dale Stockton, “because what’s recognized is repeated.”

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In this spirit, this year’s award went to Dave Spaulding, firearms trainer and a 28-year law enforcement veteran who retired at the rank of lieutenant. Spaulding has worked in all facets of law enforcement—corrections, communications, patrol, evidence collection, investigations, undercover operations, training and SWAT—and currently works for a federal security contractor. Spaulding is a Law Officer columnist and is also the author of the best-selling books Defensive Living and Handgun Combatives.

The International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) conference thus began, even though Spaulding was not yet in attendance to receive the award. His recognition was met with applause.

“He was a natural,” said Ed Nowicki, ILEETA executive director emeritus. “After all he’s done, so freely, it’s what ILEETA is about.”

ILEETA has three main goals, said Nowicki. They are to:

1. Give members the best training possible and have a “blow-your-socks-off conference each year”;
2. Get great benefits for members; and
3. Have good lines of communication with members.

ILEETA Executive Director Harvey Heddon summed up his perspective: “Pay it forward. The guys your training now will in turn protect you and your families.”

Law Officer and ILEETA give the award each year after a careful review of applications to the applicant who has given most law enforcement training.

“If we do all we can for you,” said Nowicki, “you’ll give all people you train your best. You can’t give any more than that.”


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