The Lena Miculek Pistol & PCC for Women class provides unique opportunity.

SIG Sauer Academy just announced class dates for a unique opportunity exclusive to female shooters. World Champion Lena Miculek will conduct a Pistol & PCC for Women class June 28. The course brings championship level instruction in pistol and PCC shooting in a ladies-only format.

Lena Miculek Pistol & PCC for Women Course at SIG Sauer Academy

The specific course of instruction will focus on pistol and pistol caliber carbine (PCC) skills. Miculek brings a wealth of experience as a top 3-Gun, pistol, shotgun and rifle competitor. Lena will boil down crucial aspects of shooting and competing, including how it relates to being a female competitor.

Course topics include Miculek’s experience, technique and mindset. The course will focus on building a solid foundation of pistol and PCC fundamentals. Students will learn personalized shooting techniques to fit to the individual body and play to individual strengths. Miculek will also cover effective training and practice techniques at home and on the range. Finally, the champion gives insight on proper gear setup.

A third-generation professional competitive shooter, many regard Lena as the top female 3-Gun and PCC specialist in the world. Miculek won her first World Championship at the age of 17. She since racked up more than 80 major wins and eight world titles in five different shooting disciplines.

Lena now focuses much of her training on shooting PCC. She also teaches and actively works to introduce and increase female participation in the professional shooting sports. SHOT Business named Lena to is “40 under 40” list. Meanwhile, the Gundies dubbed her “Most Influential Female.

At any rate, the co-creator of the Miculek YouTube channel, sporting 1.2 million subscribers, stands as important industry voice. Now ladies get an exclusive opportunity to train with one shooting’s best.

The Introduction to Pistol & PCC for Women course takes place Friday, June 28, 2021. For even more information or to register, please visit

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