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Lenco Adds Tactical SUV to Armored Vehicle Lineup

Lenco Industries, Inc. has announced the addition of the BearCat Tactical SUV to its already reliable armored vehicle lineup.

The Tactical SUV is another variant of the popular BearCat APC employed by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Without sacrifice to tactical functionality, Lenco has designed the BearCat SUV to meet the need within Law Enforcement for a more inconspicuous armored vehicle in VIP and diplomatic protection.

The low profile model offers a higher level of protection and durability than a traditional up-armored SUV. Like all Lenco vehicles, the BearCat Tactical SUV features military grade armor that offers true multi-hit protection and under body protection against hand grenades.

These life-saving capabilities are complemented by the many additional performance features. Features include an open floor plan that allows for quick and easy entry and egress, optimized seating, and customizable shelving and gun racks. In addition, the operators can engage when necessary with side and rear gun ports and a flush mounted roof hatch.

The SUV is built on a commercial truck platform allowing for most upkeep and maintenance to be performed at OEM dealers and truck centers, which greatly reduces operating costs versus other specialized armored vehicles. The related savings and durability can pay for the vehicle over its lifecycle when compared with less durable up-armored SUVs.

The BearCat Tactical SUV is ideal for a wide range of tactical missions, such as transporting VIPs and safely moving SWAT teams without attracting unsolicited attention or creating panic. This vehicle allows tactical teams to have the armored protection and interior layout of a BearCat with a more covert appearance.

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