Home security camera Lenexa
Home security cameras like this one could help apprehend criminals in Lenexa thanks to the new Community Video Partnership program.

A new initiative from the Kansas-based Lenexa Police Department is asking citizens to help apprehend criminals with their private security cameras.

The voluntary “Community Video Partnership” program puts the Lenexa PD in touch with property owners who have private video security systems that record public areas — streets, sidewalks, parking lots, etc.

Local property owners who register their security cameras would have their information housed in a secure database.

According to a press release:

Police who respond to burglaries, assaults and other crimes will be able to see a map of nearby locations with cameras so they can quickly contact registered video partners that may have captured footage related to the incident.

Property owners who register a security camera would only be contacted by the Lenexa Police Department if a criminal incident takes place in the vicinity of that camera. Police personnel may ask camera owners to review or provide recorded footage related to the date and time of an incident.

“We are excited about the opportunity to leverage resources that already exist in our community,” Police Maj. Dawn Layman, who will oversee the new program, said in a release.. “This new database is something that costs very little but could have a big impact on making Lenexa a safer place to live and do business.”

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