Police Officers Killed 2019, FBI Data
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The FBI recently released statistical data for police officers killed in line-of-duty actions in 2019. The data showed 48 officers died resulting from felonious acts—down from 56 in the previous year. The number represented a decrease from 2018 in total deaths as well.

Police Officers Killed in 2019

The 48 deaths occurred in 19 states and Puerto Rico. While 48 officers died from felonious acts, another 41 officers died from accidents while on duty. Of those 48, 45 were male, with three females officers losing their lives. Forty officers were white, while seven were black. One officer was of Asian decent.

Fifteen officers died as a result of investigative or law enforcement activities. Six of those occurred while conducting traffic stops. Four resulted from investigative activities. Two each occurred after drug-related matters or interacting with wanted persons. One incident spurred from investigating a suspicious person or circumstance.

Nine deaths followed involvement in tactical situations. Three of those involved barricaded/hostage situations. Another three resulted from attempting to serve warrants, with another two occurring while serving warrants. A single fatality resulted from “other tactical situation.”

Thirty-four officers were killed by suspects that used a handgun. Seven fatalities came at the hands of a rifle, while a shotgun claimed one officers. Another two officers died from firearms, but the type was unreported.

More Police Officers Killed in South

The deadliest region in the U.S. in 2019 for police officers proved to be the South, where 27 officers died from felonious activity. Nine officers were killed in both the Midwest and West, while the Northeast only claimed one officer. Two police officers also died in Puerto Rico.

Predictably, repeat offenders proved to be the biggest threat to officers in 2019. Thirty-six assailants owned prior criminal arrest records. Twelve offenders were under judicial supervision at the time of the murders.

Accidental deaths claimed another 41 officers in 2019. The number represented another decrease, down from 50 the previous year. Nineteen accidental deaths came via motor vehicle crashes. Another 16 pedestrian officers were struck by other vehicles.

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