Glock 21 .45 ACP

Local Virginia police will soon be getting 10 Glock pistols using $4,700 in asset forfeiture funds. According to the Northern Virginia Daily, the Town Council OK’d the purchase on Monday night as a response to recent retirements which resulted in a shortage of pistols in the Front Royal Police Department.

The department needs the Glocks for new hires and to replace malfunctioning weapons. The Northern Virginia Daily cited an April 10 memo from Capt. Jason Ryman to Chief Norman Shiflett which stated that there are only two extra Glocks currently available.

As the Northern Virginia Daily reports, a state law allows recent department retirees to purchase their service handguns for $1 after 20 years or more of service.

“The ones I am going to replace are the ones that the emergency services team uses,” Shiflett told the Northern Virginia Daily. “I am going to replace the existing weapons and bring them in to have new springs installed. They’re going to be reconditioned and then put back in inventory.”

The new Glocks will have their recoil, firing pin and trigger springs replaced, the Daily reported.

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