PAC-3 MSE Missile

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command has awarded Lockheed Martin a $611 million contract for the first production order of the PAC-3 MSE (Missile Segment Enhancement). According to a press release, the contract calls for the production of both PAC-3 MSE missiles and Launcher Modification Kits (LMKs).

The PAC-3 MSE has a two-pulse solid rocket motor which allows for better performance in terms of altitude and range, while simultaneously utilizing the same technology that the PAC-3 Missile brings to the Patriot system.

As Lockheed notes in its press release, Lockheed received a contract back in 2003 to increase the altitude and range of the PAC-3 missile. Meanwhile, the larger modification kits enable the Patriot Configuration 3 launcher to control the launch of PAC-3 Missiles and older Patriot missiles.

“These enhancements are the natural, pre-planned evolution of a system that was first demonstrated 20 years ago,” said Scott Arnold, vice president of PAC-3 programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control. “Every current Patriot-using nation is a candidate to upgrade their PAC-3 systems to the PAC-3 MSE.”

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