A report issued recently by the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office found Lodi Police officers “justified under the circumstances” in the 2017 fatal shooting of Matthew Palaita.

Recently released officer dash and body cam footage shows the entire scene unfold. An otherwise routine traffic stop quickly turns deadly when the suspect refuses to comply with responding officers.

Lodi Police Respond

“On Oct. 23, 2017 Lodi Police Officer Daniel Bristow was driving his patrol car near Lincoln Avenue and Turner Road in Lodi when he reportedly saw the driver of a Honda Pilot using his cell phone as they drove past.  Officer Bristow began to initiate a traffic stop. When he activated his overhead lights, he saw Mr. Palaita, who was in the back of the Pilot, throw something into the rear cargo area of the vehicle, the report says,” according to

Footage shows the radio traffic, as Bristow calls for backup. That’s when Officer Dominic Carillo arrives on the scene, moving up to the passenger side of the vehicle.

“Officer Dominic Carillo arrived at the scene and walked around the other side of the pilot. He told Palaita to show his hands. Palaita reportedly took his hand from the cargo area and quickly got out of the vehicle. Police say he pointed a .22 caliber revolver at Carillo. As Carillo was retreating, Carillo fired his service pistol at Palaita, who fell to the ground, the report says,” according to

Though the officers seemingly spoke calmly and non-threateningly, Palaita suddenly moves against Officer Carillo. Footage shows the suspect pull a gun, aimed squarely at the officer, who responds by firing on Palaita.

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