WARNING: This video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A Longview Police Officer shot and killed a carjacking suspect who pulled a gun. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the incident, where the Texas-based officer faced little choice in engaging the suspect.

The incident began when two Longview Police officers began investigating a suspected stolen vehicle. That’s when officers came across 18-year-old Detravian Allison. In a quick, dynamic encounter, footage shows Allison immediately produce a handgun, aiming toward an officer.

“Get on the ground now,” an officer says. Footage shows the officer begin the encounter drawing his weapon. The suspect immediately pulls a pistol of his own, prompting two officers to open fire.

“Get down on the ground! 52 Longview, shots fired! Got him? Keep him at gunpoint,” Officer Jason Kelley says after the shooting, according to Officer John Collier then moves in to secure the suspect.

The officers then restrained the suspect, initiating first aid procedures. “Keep breathing for me alright … keep breathing man. Hang with me but,” Kelly says.

Officials transported Allison to a nearby hospital, where he later died from his wounds, according to Police observed a second suspect when they initially arrived on the scene. That person remains at large. No officers suffered injury during the incident. Meanwhile, a grand jury unanimously found both officers, Kelley and Collier, justified in their use of force, according to

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