Lowell Police SUVs 2014
Lowell Police Add 9 SUVs to Replace Aging Fleet of Vehicles

Classic police vehicles like the Ford Crown Victoria and Chevrolet Caprices are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as the Massachusetts-based Lowell Police Department recently pointed out.

The department recently added nine all-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicles to replace its aging fleet.

Lowell Police Superintendent William Taylor spoke with the Lowell Sun about the new additions to the force.

Police bought one of the Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles earlier this year to test it out and recently purchased eight more that have been now been deployed on city streets. The SUVs are a modified version of the Ford Explorer.

Taylor said the SUVs provide several benefits over the Caprices, including significantly more interior space, which allows vehicles to carry more computers and to carry prisoners or civilians, which the Caprices cannot do.

The SUVs are also all-wheel-drive, which will enable police to avoid putting chains on tires when winter weather arrives.

“The previous vehicles were nice cars, but they have very small interior space and they were rear-wheel-drive. They were not good in the snow at all,” Taylor said.

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