For the second time in roughly four months, a Lubbock federal judge has ruled against the NRA in two gun rights lawsuits.
The ruling made on Thursday upholds the State of Texas law that puts certain restrictions on persons between the ages of 18 and 20.
The law does not allow those under the age of 21 to have a concealed handgun license or CHL. The NRA sued the state back in 2009, saying the law is discriminatory and a violation of Second Amendment rights.
At the same time, the NRA sued federal agencies, saying restrictions on the purchase of guns by those under the age of 21 were also discriminatory. The lawsuit against federal agencies was thrown out in late September and that case is currently on appeal.
There is no word yet on whether the NRA will also appeal this latest ruling.
In part, the judge said both sides were arguing over the issue of age, but U.S. District Court Judge Sam Cummings said Thursday in his ruling, “This approach puts the cart before the horse.”
“Because the Court is of the opinion that the Second Amendment does not confer a right that extends beyond the home,” Cummings said, “it need not reach the question regarding the age of investiture of such a right.”
But the judge did not ignore the issue of age. Cummings wrote, “Texas has identified a legitimate state interest – public safety – and passed legislation that is rationally related to addressing that issue.”
The two rulings together mean that the state and federal governments can put restrictions on the gun rights of people who have not reached the age of 21.

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