Magpul Tactical Movement and Concealment Course

Magpul CORE is holding its Tactical Movement and Concealment course in Lance Creek, Wyo., from June 2-4.

From Magpul CORE:

The Tactical Movement and Concealment course is meant to teach the student principals of tactical movement, techniques of camouflage and the selection and occupation of observation positions. This course is meant for the hunter who wants to fine-tune their stalking skills, or the enthusiast who would like to understand the principals of movement and concealment in a rural environment.

Students will learn the proper use of camouflage clothing, the use of natural vegetation as camouflage, and the use of terrain features to conceal their movement. Once you learn the fundamentals, your new skills will be put to the test against trained observers as you attempt to negotiate natural terrain and obstacles and move into a observation position. We also recommend this course for pre-sniper sniper training for military and police sniper courses.

The three-day course retails for $600.

For more information on the Tactical Movement and Concealment course, including the required list of gear for the course and what you will learn, please visit

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