Are James V. McVay’s statements the shocking confessions of a man who planned to kill the president? The exaggerated claims of someone seeking attention? The rantings of a lunatic?

Police, prosecutors and others are asking those questions after McVay, 41, was charged in the vicious stabbing death of a 75-year-old woman in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Stopped by police Saturday near Madison, Wisconsin, some 450 miles away from the killing, McVay confessed not only to the stabbing, but to a crime he said he hoped to commit: the assassination of a president.

In statements to police, and in an unusual jailhouse interview with reporters, McVay said:

— He had spent two years while in prison developing a plan.

— He planned, first, to kill someone in Sioux Falls and steal that person’s vehicle to drive to Madison.

— In Madison, he would break into another house to kill the occupants and steal their vehicle, or he would ambush a Madison police officer to steal that officer’s gun.

— He planned to travel through Chicago, stopping again in Indianapolis to kill people and steal a vehicle to drive to Washington.

“I’m going to kill and kill until I get him,” he told police, referring to President Obama.

Source: Mike M. Ahlers for CNN.

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