Manta has been awarded a military contract to produce extreme rail protector components for the U.S. Marine Corps’ new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

Manta has been awarded a contract to produce extreme rail protector components for the U.S. Marine Corps’ new Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

The “Full Rate Production” announcement by the Marines caps a competition that began in 2005. Manta’s proprietary material is impermeable to heat, solvent, oils and any other chemical that may be associated with cleaning a small arm. This material is extremely tactile and offers the Marine a no-slip-grip in all conditions. Manta has had independent testing done in excess of one hundred thousand rounds of full-auto-fire showing the rail guards will not fail and will protect the Marines hand from the heat generated by a high rate of fire, for which the IAR was designed. The new designed rails guards have an internal stainless steel skeleton allowing grip tensions to be adjusted. The resilient materials Manta components are made of will never corrode or wear out.

The Manta M27 IAR kit is available to the Marines in both black and flat dark earth and National Stock Numbers have been issued for all components. The components provided by Manta for the M27IAR consist of a One Vertical Grip Sleeve featuring a Micro-Pocket that will accept a pressure pad from a laser or a light eliminating the need for tape, zip ties, Velcro or rubber bands while offering a positive no slip grip. One Micro Pocket Switch Holder that houses and protects a pressure pad from heat and external hazards. The Micro Pocket Switch Holder also allows easy mounting a tape switch anywhere on the rail. Two Manta Cross Clips to help manage and route wires keeping them protected and snag free. Rounding out the M27IAR kit are two six inch Low Profile Wire Routing Rail Guards which mitigate heat and the IR signature while at the same time allows the Marine to manage wires within the grip. It is because of these increased capabilities that Manta has become standard issue to the United States Marine Corps as well as Militaries around the world.

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