The march 26th major match results are in and it was a busy weekend of shooting

The shooting season is finally starting to ramp up in earnest, with major matches all across the country. The March 26th major match results include two USPSA matches, a Steel Challenge regional, IDPA, and the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun match.

United States Practical Shooting Association: 2 Major Matches

The March 26th major match results start with USPSA. There were two major USPSA matches this past weekend, first up is the 2022 Roadrunner Shootout in Central California.

In Open, your winner is Bryan Jones winning handily by almost 11% over second place. In Carry Optics, Aaron Gomez takes home the 1st position. Then, over in Limited you have Rolly Tecson, followed by Jordan Hall taking it down in Production. Lastly, Rich Wolfe cleaned up Single Stack division, and Alex Chu claimed first place in Revolver division.

PCC saw a decent turnout, with Zack Smith winning that division. High Lady is Janet Tsui from Open division.

2022 Ozarks Classic

Next we have the 2022 Ozarks Classic, which kicked off with a win in Open from Brixley Nelson. Then, Limited and Production saw Jack Brown (Limited) and Jared Fox (Production) win. Less than 4% separated Jared Clanton from second place in Carry Optics, and Scott Brown took care of a small field in Single Stack to win there.

PCC featured 15 shooters and Grant Kunkel winning, the High Lady is Myee Chamberlain from PCC division.

International Defensive Pistol Association: Coastal Carolina Challenge

Over in IDPA, which just announced a major rule change allowing appendix carry, the Coastal Carolina Challenge went down. The March 26th major match results include this well attended state level match. There were over 130 shooters in attendance at the Coastal Carolina Challenge.

Matt Fowler took the win in Compact Carry Pistol, and Mark Redl of Team Colt handily won Custom Defensive Pistol by almost 30 seconds. Carry Optics continues to be IDPA’s most popular division, over 50 shooters competed in this division at the Challenge. The winner here is James Cantrell, with a 9 second margin of victory. James Ramos won Enhanced Service Pistol, and Mike Haskin wins in Stock Service Pistol. My beloved Revolver division crowned Chuck Limpert as the Coastal Carolina Champion. Lastly, your High Lady is Christine Parsons from Carry Optics.

Steel Challenge: West Tennessee Championship

Up next in the March 26th major match results is a level 2 Steel Challenge match in Tennessee. This match didn’t see a huge turnout, so the results will be broken down into Centerfire Pistol, PCC, and the Rimfire categories.

Andrew Miller is your winner of all Centerfire Pistol divisions, and Robert VanSickle wins PCC overall. An interesting side note, Robert entered both PCC Irons and PCC Optics, won both, and beat himself to finish 1-2 in PCC overall. Up next, in Rimfire Rifle your overall winner is again Robert VanSickle, who also finished 1-2 to himself in Rimfire Rifle. Finally, Rimfire Pistol’s winner is Adam Renno.

Last but Not Least: Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun

Finally we close our weekend with one of the oldest and largest Outlaw 3-Gun Matches on the calendar, the venerable Superstition Mountain Mystery 3 Gun (SMM3G). This year, SMM3G offered the option of either a 2 gun division (no shotgun required) or the traditional 3 guns. Your overall winner is Nils Jonasson, who shot the 2 gun division. The 3-gun division overall champ is Kyle Litzie.

That wraps up the March 26th major match results, and as you can see, the shooting season is finally in full swing! If you’d like to have your match featured here, email me at with a link to the match’s Practiscore page.

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