Marietta Police Department Glock gun safety
A member of the Marietta Police Department with R. Lee Ermey (CREDIT: Marietta Daily Journal/Kelly J. Huff)

After out-promoting other police departments, the Georgia-based Marietta Police Department won Glock’s month-long gun safety competition.

Marietta Lt. Jake King told the Marietta Daily Journal that police in his department held seminars “where a total of 1,500 people learned the basic rules of gun safety.”

On social media sites Twitter and Facebook, the Marietta Police Department shared tips for gun safety that reached an audience of 3,000, said Abby Lukas, the cyber specialist for Marietta police. The information was also shared by police on Nixle, an alert service that sends out messages by email, to an audience of 5,000, Lukas said.

It was because of these combined efforts that Marietta placed first in the country in the competition against other police departments, said Kie Wagner, public relations manager for Glock.

R. Lee Ermey, also known as the Gunny, was on hand to congratulate the Marietta Police Department.

“The four gun safety rules are a given. They’re common sense, but we kind of need to drive it home,” Ermey told the Marietta Daily Journal.

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