Dr. Raj Attariwala Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer
Dr. Raj Attariwala, co-inventor of the Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer (CREDIT: CTV News)

The alcohol detection system known as the “breathalyzer” was invented in 1954 and has been stopping drunk drivers in the United States ever since.

Detecting blood alcohol content is one thing, but effectively detecting drugs is entirely different story … until now.

Invented in Canada by Kal Malhi, a former member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the marijuana breathalyzer has picked up steam in recent weeks.

Malhi, a member of the RCMP drug enforcement division for four years, designed the marijuana breathalyzer with Vancouver-based radiologist Dr. Raj Attariwala, according to CTV News.

Dubbed the Cannabix Breathalyzer, Malhi’s device works in a similar way to a traditional breath analyzer police officers use to test drivers suspected of operating a vehicle while inebriated. The device, which is pending a patent and still has to undergo further field testing, could potentially detect if cannabis was use within the previous two hours.

“People are becoming very afraid to drink and drive nowadays because they feel that they will get caught and charged, but they’re not afraid to drug and drive because they don’t feel that law enforcement will do anything about it,” Malhi told CTV News.

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