Ocular Interruption System dark warning laser
B.E. Myers Glare Recoil

Two companies have been tapped by the U.S. Marine Corps to weapon hail and warning lasers over the next five years.

The new gear is known as the Ocular Interruption System, according to Marine Corps Times.

The Corps should receive the first no later than October as part of its initial order on a $49 million, five-year contract awarded to Alfalight Inc., based in Wisconsin, and B.E. Meyer & Co., Inc., based in Washington state.

The eye-safe laser, which was initially delayed by Defense Department budget cuts, will give Marines an improved device to warn or incapacitate people approaching a controlled area, like a checkpoint. The laser works at effective ranges of about 11 to 547 yards.

“The Ocular Interruption (OI) device shall be a rugged, light-weight, visible hail and warning system employed as a clip-on attachment to a weapon system or in a standalone, hand-held configuration,” Marine Corps Times reported. “The OI device shall use a green laser to produce warn and suppression levels of glare in targeted personnel.”

Ocular Interruption System lead warning lasers
B.E. Myers Glare Recoil

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