Marine Dakota Meyer ISIS Twitter
Marine Dakota Meyer Invites ISIS to Book Club on Twitter

Earlier this week, the FBI issued its strongest warning to date for members of the U.S. Military to not advertise important information about themselves on social media for fear of homeland retaliation from the terrorist group ISIS.

Marine and Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer decided to do just the opposite.

Meyer responded to the ISIS threat by going on Twitter and posting a photo of him reading a book, asking members of the radical group if they’d like to drop by and join his book club.

“When I start having to change my life because I’m worried about something that could happen to me, that means terrorism is winning,” Meyer told ABC News. “That means terrorism is working.

“I refuse to let these idealistic, radical bullies change the way that I live,” he added.

Meyers said he hoped one of the ISIS members showed up at his home, because “They’ll definitely get more than they want at my place!”

“I take the threat seriously, but you are talking about a bunch of cowards,” Meyer told Military Times on Wednesday. “We’re not cowards. We’re the most feared nation on the face of the planet, and we’re worried about some radical group, some extremists that prey on the weak? I mean, that’s like sheep preying on lions.”

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