Marines looking for help transitioning to civilian life can always turn to the Marine For Life program. According to, the program which began in 2002 is available in all 50 states to ease the transition. They also have a mentor program which enables reservists or civilian Marines to offer advice and additional resources for those who require assistance easing back into civilian life.

“This program is important because it helps Marines with their transition, so it’s important for them to network with us about six months before their discharge,” said Marine Maj. Liza Tonko, 42, of Camp Lejeune. “We help them with resumes, school, employment and more so they can go from active duty to civilian life easily. As a rep, the best part about our program is being able to help Marines be successful.”

As reports, the stated goal of the program is to “harness the skills, contacts and personal and professional networks of Marine Corps veterans and others in the community—to form a network to help Marines.” While there are no guarantees, Tomko says that Marine For Life helps point participants in the right direction.

In addition to in-person contact, online resources can be found on the Marine For Life website, in addition to the LinkedIn page, where each region of the country has Marine For Life group.

“There is no other brotherhood like that of the Marine Corps,” Tomko said. “When veterans of days past went home, nobody understood what they were going through or talking about which led them to not saying anything to people. We are here so there is at least one person for you to talk to that knows what you’ve been through. Marines never leave a Marine behind. Transitioning is no different.”

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