When Edinger walked into the Warren Township Fire Department voting precinct he was wearing his pistol on his hip. Edinger, a Marine who resigned his commission in order to be commissioned in the Navy Chaplin Corps, carries his weapon with him everywhere he can.

When election workers questioned him when he walked in the door, another went and informed the assistant Fire Chief, Tony Vanoverberghe, of the situation.

After about an hour and a half; the officers, who had asked for assistance from the Election Board, were provided a state statute (35-47-2-1) and relayed it to Edinger, telling him that it kept him from being able to bring the gun inside.

Edinger was skeptical, however, and opted to return home to look the statute up, instead of the solution of locking his gun in his car and voting first as Vanoverberghe offered.

Terri Rethlake admitted they had passed on an incorrect statute, seemingly by mistake. She said they had been provided the information by one of the general consul for the Election Board, Leslie Barnes.

Source: Jason Aubry for ABC57.

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