Marines Martial Arts Instructor Course
Marines' Martial Arts Instructor Course Teaches Proper Techniques

The Martial Arts Instructor Course (MAIC) is about a lot more than offensive fighting techniques.

While the course teaches those techniques, as well as “blocks, thrusts and reverse techniques,” the concept behind the course is creating “a well-rounded ethical warrior” that can pass on what they’ve learned, according to a Marine Corps release.

The MAIC is a 15-day course when Marines are taught and trained to instruct. They learn how to teach tan through green belt techniques so to assist Marines and help them achieve their next belt level.

… After each class, the Marines conduct guided discussions using case studies of past warriors and Marines who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“This part of the MAIC focuses on the green belt syllabus and how to employ a weapon of opportunity,” said Sgt. Brian W. Hayes, chief martial arts trainer, Instructional Training Company, Support Battalion, said in a release. “They learn what to do any time they are on the battlefield and they are in a situation where they can pick up any object to use as a weapon and take on any opponent.”

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