MATSG Corpus Christi
Marines Renovate MATSG Building in South Texas (CREDIT: KIII TV)

The Marine Aviation Training Support Group (MATSG) have a two-story fixer upper in Corpus Christi to call their own, but it took a lot of work to get it looking like it currently does.

Contractors told KIII TV in South Texas that the renovation on an abandoned building, like the MATSG building, “should have taken at least one year at a cost of about $2 million.”

Instead of wasting all that time and money, the Marines at the MATSG building took the project into their own hands, completing it in three months and for less than $150,000.

… Ninety students and personnel, waiting to start training, pitched in to complete specific areas for work space, a radio training room and a conference room.

Lt. Colonel Kevin Heartwell told KIII TV that he “credits Captain Mike Young, a contractor before entering the Marines, for spearheading the project.”

“Sweat equity is I guess what you’d call it. Sweat equity,” Heartwell said. “Marines spending their own time, their own efforts to make this their own space. Make it nice.”

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