The U.S. Marine Corps aired its first Super Bowl commercial in over 30 years on Sunday.

The online-only ad, entitled “A Nation’s Call,” sees Marines deploying in various aircraft, amphibious vehicles and tanks. A group of Devil Dogs are then shown firing their weapons as they make their way through a bombed-out city.

“It’s not just the ships, the armor or the aircraft. It’s something more. It’s the will to fight and determination to win found inside each and every Marine that answers a nation’s call,” the narrator says as the music swells.

The commercial—which is part of the Corps’ “Battles Won” ad campaign—has insane production values, looking straight out of a Hollywood war movie. The service says the clip is intended to show the “overwhelming material might” of the USMC. It’s geared toward possible new recruits and their influencers such as parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders.

“‘A Nation’s Call’ reinforces the distinctive way Marines fight and win our nation’s battles. As such, it is intended to communicate to prospects and influencers alike that nothing is as vital to mission success as a Marine who is willing to engage and determined to defeat any opposing force – as long as there are Marines, there will be ‘Battles Won,'” the press release says.

“People know who Marines are — whether described as ‘The Few. The Proud,’ by our prestigious Dress Blue uniform, or the honorable ferocity displayed on battlefields that established and maintains our ‘Devil Dog’ moniker,” said Lt. Col. John Caldwell, the Assistant Chief of Staff of Marketing and Communication at Marine Corps Recruiting Command. “But what most often appears in online search queries is the question, ‘What do Marines do?’ This ad, A Nation’s Call, definitively answers that question — it shows our service defining capability to project a self-contained and overwhelming Marine Air Ground Task Force from a sea-based location to an inland objective. But most importantly, this ad makes crystal clear the fact that more than any weapon system or materiel platform, our success remains reliant upon the indomitable fighting spirit and determination to win inside each and every Marine.”

The original ad which aired on Super Bowl Sunday was only 30 seconds long, but the extended version which clocks in at one minute and nine seconds can be seen above.


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