A routine traffic stop escalated in an instant when the driver produced a 9mm handgun after stepping out of his vehicle. See it unfold in the body cam footage above.

Traffic Stop Gone Wrong

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office in Maryland says the driver was initially pulled over on June 18 for a “simple traffic violation.” After briefly talking with the driver, the deputy asked him to get out of the car. The driver complied, but he kept both of his hands behind his back as he did so.

“What do you got behind your back?” the deputy asks in the video above.

“I’m sorry,” the driver replies as he chambers a round from a gun behind his back. He then produces the gun and holds it in his right hand by his side.

When the deputy sees the pistol, he immediately draws his duty gun.

“Put it on the ground! Put it on the ground now!” the deputy yells as he backs up and takes cover by his cruiser.

The deputy continues to order the suspect to put the gun down and get on the ground. The suspect goes to the ground, but he continues to hold the gun in his hand. At one point, the deputy radios that the suspect is aiming the gun at his own head. The video cuts off at that point.

Peacefully Resolved

According to the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, other deputies responded to the scene and created a perimeter. After “negotiations” with the suspect, he being taken into custody peacefully.

“This video is a representation of an event that has the potential to happen at any time to a deputy while working,” the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office said. “Deputies have been trained to handle situations like this. It is this training and the desire to preserve life that is paramount to a successful resolution.”

Sheriff Mike Evans stated, “I am proud of the deputies in this situation. They showed great restraint and relied on their training to resolve the situation.”

Charges are pending against the driver.

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