Massachusetts State Police have released a new smartphone application which makes it easier for the public to instantly obtain real-time information from law enforcement. According to CBS 3, the app utilizes geo-fencing technology which sends alerts to users throughout the state.

“So if you have the Mass. State Police cell phone app and you’re driving into one of those areas that we’ve put the geofence around, you’ll actually get a message outlining what the concerns are in that particular area or you might want to avoid that area to travel through at that point in time,” Massachusetts State Police Col. Timothy Alben said.

As CBS 3 reports, users will get push notifications with the alerts. Statewide, residents will be aware of any possible dangers and safe havens.

“What the app does is give us the ability to put it all into one screen, to one area, where you can go and visit that you can find all of our barracks. You can find phone numbers for each one of our barracks geographically across the state. They’re highlighted, all you have to do is touch them on a smart phone and it will dial that station for you,” Alben said.

The app is being released as the one-year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings nears.

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