A safety warning and recall notice has been announced for the Maverick Arms Hunter after the company, a subsidiary of Mossberg, discovered that a small number of the over/under 12-gauge shotguns were marked incorrectly.

The issue here, the company says, is the fact that some Maverick Hunter shotguns have a chamber marking that indicates they’re chambered for 3 ½-inch shells, but the chambers are actually made for 2 ¾-inch and 3-inch shells.

All Maverick Hunter scatterguns are made with 3-inch chambers, not 3 ½-inch chambers. As a result, firing a 3 ½-inch shotshell through the shotgun could result in an increase in chamber pressure and cause the barrel to rupture, damaging your shotgun and potentially causing severe personal injury.

To determine if your Maverick Hunter is affected by this recall notice, check the right side of the barrel which is marked with a chamber designation just below the safety warning. If your shotgun says “12 Ga 3 ½” Maverick Hunter,” then your shotgun is affected by the recall. If that’s the case, stop using it immediately and follow the instructions provided by Mossberg below.

1. Please call the Product Service Center at (800) 363-3555 between the hours of 8:00 AM – 4:30PM EST or email us at to confirm that your shotgun is covered by this recall.

2. If your shotgun is covered by this recall, Maverick Arms will provide a prepaid shipping label for your current shotgun, for return to an authorized Maverick Service Center.

3. Once we receive your shotgun, Maverick will provide a free replacement shotgun of the same model and type (SKU 75445).

If you’ve sold or “otherwise disposed” of your Maverick Hunter, it’s requested that you provide the company with the contact info of the buyer so they can be contacted directly and given information about the recall.

For more information about the Maverick Arms Hunter shotgun safety warning and recall, contact the product service center at (800) 363-3555, and visit

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