Max Michel, SIG’s Team Captain of the SIG Shooting team claimed his 3rd Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship recently, I asked him:

How did you prepare training-wise for the Steel Challenge?
I can’t give all my secrets :), but I started training for Steel about 1 month before the event and worked on specific drills to increase my hand and eye speed. I live fired 4-5 days per week and about 600 rds per day. I also flew out 7 days early and trained on the event site daily leading to the Championship.

What gun did you use to win the Steel Challenge?
I used a SIG SAUER 1911 single stack chambered in 38 super comp.

What do you look for in a competition gun?
At my level, the first thing I need is a gun that will work 100 percent of the time. SIG has that reliability I look for, so after that it’s just a good fit and balance of the pistol. I always say, the best gun in the world is the one you train with. Find a gun you like and stick with it.

Can you give us one little tip to make anyone a faster shooter in a championship like the Steel Challenge?
The best tip I can give for someone looking to increase their speed is to have no fear. It is ok to miss sometimes in training. If you don’t push yourself you will never increase your comfort zone and ultimately that is the goal. You have to shoot within your abilities at the competition but training is where you win championships.

What’s next on your competitive agenda?
I’m actually already back home training for the USPSA Nationals which will take place in about 3 weeks in Vegas. I have won 4 previous USPSA National Titles and looking to get back on track after finishing 2nd last year.

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