McPherson County AED
McPherson County Law Enforcement Receives AEDs Through Fund (CREDIT: Teri L. Hansen/ McPherson Sentinel)

The Kansas-based McPherson Healthcare Foundation provided a shock to McPherson County’s law enforcement agencies last week.

The foundation managed to secure Automated External Defibrillators (AED) for vehicles within McPherson County’s various law enforcement agencies, according to the McPherson Sentinel.

Initial contributions to the foundation’s McPherson County AED Fund paid for defibrillators to be placed in key areas around McPherson, as well as to outfit each vehicle in the McPherson Police Department, the McPherson Fire Department and the McPherson County Sheriff’s Department.

… The defibrillators purchased by the fund are Philips brand AED and CPR responder kits. The kits contain the defibrillator, a CPR mouth-to-mouth barrier, gloves, an eye-splash guard, a preparation razor and a pair of clothing shearing gloves. The training personnel will receive will be coordinated through McPherson Emergency Medical Services and McPherson Hospital as soon as the kits come in, which is expected to be in the next two weeks.

“The funds goal was to make AED equipment accessible to save lives. That dream became a reality very quickly,” McPherson Police Chief Robert McClarty. “Most emergency calls require that the police be the first respondent and having the right tools to respond to that particular call is crucial to save lives.”

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