Mendocino County Sheriff deputies engaged in a wild shootout with a drunken suspect recently in California. Recently released officer body cam footage shows the entire intense shootout.

Mendocino County Sheriff Deputies Respond

The incident began when deputies responded to a call for a reported drunk pedestrian. Once on the scene, officers encountered 26-year-old Joesph Anthony Corral of Los Angeles.

Footage shows three officers move in and out of the video, speaking with the suspect. Then suddenly, Corral apparently goes for a gun, a .50-caliber Desert Eagle, according to Footage shows deputies open fire, with at least two officers firing into the van. All three officers scramble to create space as they begin shooting at the suspect. Along with the two officers in front of the van, a third officer can be seen in the woods behind the vehicle. It appears that officer fires his weapon as well.

The video shows more than a dozen shots fired at close range, one of which struck Corral, according to After initial treatment on the scene, authorities transported Corral to Ukiah Valley Medical Center. He then took an airlift by helicopter to an out-of-county hospital, according to

Limited information on this shootout, aside from the video, was found prior to press time. However, the video alone fully illustrates just how fast and dynamic a seemingly routine stop can be. The situation escalated from conversational to extremely violent in mere seconds. But the officers communicated and reacted well enough. In the end, only the suspect took a round during the firefight, one that could have easily turned deadly for law enforcement.

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