This week on the groundbreaking ‘Don’t Be a Victim’block on SpikeTV (video preview here):

The violence in Mexico is spilling over the borders onto U.S. soil. Do you know how to keep you and your loved ones safe from these dangerous cartels? Hear the heartbreaking story of how one man was senselessly killed while helping someone he thought was in need on ‘What If?’

If you are attacked while sleeping in your bed, do you know what to do? The bodyguard tactics that the professionals use can save the lives of your loved ones. Do you know what they are? And parents, do you know what materials your kids could be using to make deadly pipe bombs? We’ll show you all that and more on ‘Practical Tactical’.

Do you know the two preferred shooting stances or techniques, shooting from the prone position or kneeling or when your dominant hand is injured? Experts will show you on ‘Because Lives Depend on It’.

Do you know about the new ammunition from Winchester that can be fired from both a shotgun and some handguns? We’ll show you on ‘Predator Stoppers’.

If you have a stalker, do you know how to keep yourself safe? Hear Lynn Forsell’s story and how, if you’re a senior citizen, it’s not too late learn how to accurately operate a firearm on Ruger’s ‘Conceal & Carry School’.

If you’re looking into owning a firearm for self-defense, do you know the right choice for you? The instructors at the Sig Sauer Academy will walk you through the basics of buying on ‘Sig Sauer School for Survival’.

Hear the story of how a business owner turned the tables on two would-be-robbers and defended himself against a potentially deadly situation on Insight Technology’s ‘Even the Odds’.

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This week on the groundbreaking 'Don't Be a Victim'block on SpikeTV (video preview here):…